Sunday, January 23, 2011

A day left to my birthday. But I've never felt this way before. As the fact, turning 17 is such a special but I was wrong since this year. Turning 17 is quite normal. I dont why maybe cause dad left me and pay for it. Well, I honestly dont need the-things-that-he-pay-for. Okay I wont take it serious.

Last friday,  Fika and Anggun came to my house. We were chilling and chatting about many things, we talk to much. Then about a hours later, Ira joined. We catched Step Up 3D while chatting. We LOL-ed at anything, included them. Yeah we did.

Anyway I got a BBM from Dimas. He asked me to try this kind of psikotest:

I tried it. Well at the first I really dont wanna do it. But I know he'll get mad if I dont -_- so I did it. And.......reasults were true, not at all. just for number 2,3,4,5,6,7. Percaya gak pecaya sih kalo mau coba ya silahkan. Meskipun ini agak gak worth it tapi kalo buat iseng boleh lah.